adidas: Hidden in Plain Sight


the product drop is broken

With longer lines and more frequent violence, real fans are opting out of the product drop drama. Resellers take advantage of their absence and sell the shoes back to fans at insane prices.

To launch the adidas Originals Camo pack, we wanted to ensure the shoes went to real fans—not resellers. So we reimagined the product drop as an AR experience that eliminated lines and outsmarted resellers.


fans who found the posters to could skip the line and go straight to checkout—no app download required


webAR-enabled wild postings turn street corners into product drop zones

Posters were hidden in plain sight, with clues to their locations seeded on Instagram, ensuring only real fans who followed along could find them.


streetwear influencers took over the drop in their cities

To make it even more difficult for shoe resellers, we let streetwear influencers create their own hidden drop sites for their fans.

Influencers controlled the release of these drop zone locations—giving their fans a leg up on the competition.


Case Study



Dave Snyder, ECD

Jeremy Elliot, CD

Sam Isenstein, ACD

Joey McRobert, Copywriter

Kyle Helmstetter, Designer

Mike Wells, Editor