Jäger: Divine the Darke

where will your night lead?

One question. Unlimited possibilities. On the darkest holiday of the year we turned Jägermeister into a guiding light. A custom Tarot deck featured figures from the brand’s German heritage, and helped curious consumers uncover the trajectory of their Halloween.


from last-call to first pick

Card readings appeared in bars across the country and came to life as augmented reality lenses on Snapchat, letting anyone step inside the mysterious world of Jäger.

The experience took the liqueur from a late-night afterthought to a pre-evening ritual, placing the brand top-of-mind as consumers headed out for the night.

jager results module.001.jpeg


Dave Snyder, ECD

Ulrika Karlberg, Creative Director

Sam Isenstein, ACD

Bo Floejborg, ACD

Lily Stockton, Creative

Joey McRobert, Creative

Cassidy Moriarty, Strategist

Michael Kuzmitch, Motion Graphics Director

Benjy Deng, Motion Designer

Ron White, Supervising Technical Artist

Katie Leo, Program Director

Ben Kainz, Producer





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