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adidas: forever developing

bringing the streets to the people

Urban environments are lifeblood of the Originals line, but how do you translate that energy to a nationwide audience?

For the launch of the 3rd generation NMD_ shoe, we hijacked Google Street View with a campaign that brought the streets to the people.


street photography meets street view

A custom Google Street View experience turned fans into street photographers—letting anyone step inside 360º scenes of NY and LA.

Fans panned and zoomed to capture a unique photo—then submitted it for a chance to win a photographers’ creative tools.

real street photographers share their stories

A docu-style content series on the adidas Instagram feed introduced the campaign and taught fans about the art of street photography through the eyes of those who practice it.

Each IG Story swiped up into a interactive editorial that lead fans into our Google Street View experience where they could try out what they learned.

Interactive Editorials: Forever Developing (archive)


physical Installations took fans from behind the lens to inside of it

In NY and LA, physical installations of the world’s oldest camera, the camera obscura, let fans capture content of themselves in front of a projection of their city.

Along with capturing content, visitors could see the photographers’ tool kits in person, learn more about the art of film photography and check out the new NMDs.


case study:

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Dave Snyder, ECD
Ulrika Karlberg, Creative Director
Sam Isenstein, ACD
Bo Floejborg, Sr. Art Director
Lily Stockton, Creative
Joey McRobert, Creative
Thierry Ambraisse, Photographer
Steve Cozzarelli, Producer
Ben Kainz, Producer
Emily Sheskin, Director


Glossy Awards - Most Innovative Use of Social by a Brand 2018 Winner

Shorty Awards - Best Use of Instagram Finalist 2018, Best use of Instagram Stories 2018 Finalist

Webby Awards - Best Use of Mobile Media 2018 Nominee

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