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Find your story

Oregon ranks 47th nationally in high school graduates. We set out to fix that.

In Oregon's vast rural counties, a lack of exposure to jobs outside of local professions creates a disconnect between kids' interests and their career paths. Using the crowdsourcing technology of Snapchat's live-stream events, we gave high schoolers a front row seat to what their careers could look like directly from their phones.


The Snap Stories

Each industry would have its own unique Snapchat account and would feature similar careers on its Snap Story. Professionals in the industry would submit their content to an industry's Snap Story for high schoolers to view. 


The QR Codes

Every Snapchat account comes with a unique Snapcode that, when scanned, adds the account to the user's Snapchat. We'd turn these codes into physical stickers, placing them around Oregon towns and in high schools for High Schoolers to find organically. 


The Website

Along with stickers, we'd create a home for the snap stories on the web. Leveraging the University of Oregon's existing career database we'd create an experience that let high schoolers explore careers based on their interests. Once they've landed on an industry, they'd be served up a Snap Story that would let them explore further.

The Invitations

Invitations will be sent out to both professionals and students informing them of the campaign and prompting them to scan the SnapCode on the back of their invitation. Students would receive a code leading to the website while professionals' codes would take them to their Industry's account.


Strategy: Angie Luchini

Strategy:  Mairi McCaslin

Art Direction: Lisa Donato

Copy/Animation: me